Dispatcher: Data not added in orchestrator queue, even though it executed succesfully.Level3 Assignment 2

Hi Everyone, Even after succesful execution of all pages data is not added in orchestrator queue.
i am not getting, what is the issue trying since morning, name, collection everything is correct as per given PDD.
Please provide the solution why it is not reaching to orchestrator queue?

A First Analysis would Start with ensuring the Work Queue items are populated in the right Work Queue. Check this in orchestrator and verify all Work Queue names used in the xamls

i am not getting what’s going on?
Every time when i run the number is increasing in global queue under the name of queue"InHouse_Process4" but data is not updating.

Can you tell me step by step solution for this?

I am unable to see the added data.

@ajeet Second Screenshot on the right Side, can you Check the Options e.g. to View transactions related to the Workqueue

yes, now i can see it, thanks buddy
but why it is not showing in main panel.


Why It is not visible in this panel ?

@ajeet maybe there will be some Strong Produkt Design reasons for this. However issue is cleared do you want to Close the topic by flagging the solution?

Ok Thank you for the help.

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