Dispatcher and Processor

Is this dispatcher has to be separate entity out of REF always? Or will it be part of REF along with the Processor ? i.e I am building a project where I need to have both Dispatcher to push the data into Queue and Processor to process those Queue items.

So during execution, is it generally the DIspatcher is run separately and then the main.xaml of REF is executed where the processor is called? OR do they both need to be part of E2E flow?

REF is just a choice (a very good one after you understand it competely), you never need to use it if you feel is not necessary…

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We can able to design Dispatcher and Processor either in End to End flow or two separate flows.
That depends upon the business requirement and the UiRobot availability.

Finally I could fit Dispatcher under Init->First Run successfully. Just check that Queue has any transaction items to process, if not then trigger the Dispatcher.

Thank you all for the above replies.

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