Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Process

Banks take disaster recovery and Business continuity processes seriously. :slight_smile:
Therefore, in an end to end process automation in a bank, is it best to purchase separate BOT license and host in a disaster recovery server, for business continuity during a disaster situation. Or what is the best way to approach this.
Seek your expert advise in such scenarios.

Ofcourse it is good recovery method
Alongside have a separate windows server to host the license obtained and have all the folder structure, process involved applications installed in that server

So we don’t need to rely on one server if the bot
got crashed

But also ensure that whether the parent applications will be available during such crisis
Or is there any back end way of interacting with the application data involved in the process


Thank you. Could you suggest any other way to handle these scenarios without purchasing separate bots?


Then usually how the crisis would happen and how far the impact would be

Imagine a situation where the server that bot is hosted is destroyed

Well in that case the only way to handle the process is with another server with a bot
I would suggest to check once with business team on how it has to be handled during those timing


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