License and rules

i have some question from our client.
just for information we have build and use process robot into production and success.
but there is any issues that our client possibly change server and hardware where robot installed into another device or server (for some reason like enterprise rule procedure). than the question is …
Is it possible to move robot process from the first server/hardware they were installed to another server/hardware without issues from license ?.
where the license tied ?

Thanks in advance

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pardon me sir can u help us ? @Maneesha_de_silva Thnx

Hi @AndhikaDwi ,
Its depending on your requirement ,

so for the robot : really there is no issue at any time just changing your robot and aping again to orchestrator thats it , its like you adding another new robot in to your process.
so changing the robot yo dont need to worry about it ,

if we talks about servers , like hosted on orchestrator APP/DB i hope you have manage those on VM so , there is no issue when you put your exact copy of the relevant vm server into new server , There won’t be any license impact when you do like that, But make sure not to keep both on live same time.

Bu doing this you should be take your advice/help form your Windows Admin .

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ok thank you @Maneesha_de_silva for reply but just information our client use attended robot without orhchestrator. is it same way between use orhcestratro or without orchestrator ?

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If they use robot without orchestrator means it’s like stand alone

Process are pre define and push to the robot to work.and it’s not depend anything then.

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