Digitize Document: An unexpected error has occurred UiPath

I am getting an error on the digitize document activity

Uipath Version : 2022.4.6

OS - Windows 11 Pro

This Error came up suddenly today

Tried using the below fix :

The above fix didn’t work but, any other workarounds ?

HI @Ishan_Shelke

Can you updated the version of OmnipageOCR Package and Intelligent OCR package and check it


Updated the package and the following error occured

Digitize Document: The type initializer for ‘UiPath.SmartData.PDF.PdfLicenseManager’ threw an exception.

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Could you also let us know if you are using Only Digitize Document Activity or if you are using the Document Understanding Framework Template (Latest version) ?

No @supermanPunch I am not using any kind of template


These are the activities which I am using from the document understanding package

@Ishan_Shelke ,

Could you also provide us a Screenshot of the Dependency Packages (Also it’s versions) that are being used ?

The error is gone guys. I updated all dependency packages and it got resolved

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