Digitize Document Activity Failing With Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object

Digitize Document Activity Failing With Digitize: Request CorrelationId: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx Request PredictionId: xxxxxxx+xxxxxx Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Put a breakpoint on or just before the Digitize Document Scope
  2. Debug the process with a document that caused the error to occur.
  3. After the breakpoint is reached, step into the Digitize Document Scope.
  4. Check the Locals Panel and confirm that all of the Input for the activity is valid and not Null.
  5. If Force Apply OCR is set to Auto or Yes, step into the OCR activity that is inside the Digitize Document scope
  6. Validate the API key and endpoint used in the OCR activity are valid. For a list of valid UiPath Public Endpoints see the document Public Endpoints. Note: Endpoints with suffix ?edition are no longer supported. Example: https://du.uipath.com/ocr/?edition=enterprise has been deprecated and should not be used for OCR. Instead, use endpoint https://du.uipath.com/ocr

After following the Troubleshooting Steps Above, if the issue is still occurring, share the following with UiPath Product Support:

  • Share the project files in a zipped folder. (xamls, project.json, etc) Note: if unable to share the project, share screenshots of the project's dependencies, and share screenshots of the properties panel for the Digitize Document Scope as well as the OCR Activity within the Document Scope.
  • Share an example file that the issue can be replicated with
  • If the issue is only occurring for some files, but not for others, also share a file that the issue is not occurring for
  • Capture a Fiddler Trace while causing the error to occur:

Fiddler is a web debugging proxy tool that can capture HTTP(S) traffic. It can only run on Windows.

To use:

  1. Download Fiddler Classic
  2. Open Fiddler -> Tools -> HTTPS and select enable "Decrypt HTTPS traffic". Make sure to Trust the certificate
  3. Run or debug the process to replicate the error.
  4. Important: Fiddler can capture local traffic by Using The Machine's Name As The Host Name rather than 'localhost'.
  5. Click File > Save > All Sessions....
  6. Attach the resulting file in .saz format for Support.