Difficult exercise : Compare text between Excel & PPT and then copy from excel into PPT

Hi everyone!

I have very difficult exercise … I have asked someonebut still could not be found solution.

I have two file : Excel + PPT… I want to compare the Code in A Col of Excel file with some TextBox in PPT file.

If the Code in A Col same with Textbox PPT, then it will copy data from excel into PPT file.

Pls check and support me as below picture and Attached file file.zip (30.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @trunghai,

You have described with details the goal of the exercise but, could you be more specific in the issue you are having? Have you make any progress in the development? Are you able to read the files?

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Hi @Susana

My issue is could not compared the text of A Col in excel file with the text in Textbox of PPT File.

If these text are same… then it will push data from B & C Col in excel file into Textboxes of PPT file.

Thanks you!

Hi @trunghai

I assumed the position of elements for PPT is fixed, is it?
If Yes, i can create a macro to handle this situation.
If Not, it’s very hard to identify the target sharp in PPT.

Hi @Toby

All Textboxes in PPT are fixed. I do not want to use macro to do this case.

I have difficult job need to do same this case with UiPath.

All of Textboxes in PPT file have fixed name. such as : Textbox1, Textbox2…

Hi @trunghai

Got it.
I think it will be very hard to handled by UiPath only, but it’s easy to create a macro and call it by UiPath - Execute Macro Activity.

Hi @Toby

I can do do this sample with macro OK, but I could not be used uipath for this .

If can do this case by uipath, it very great for me ^^

Hi @trunghai

As i known, UiPath can’t indicate the elements of PPT. It means that we have to invoke code in UiPath to handle your diffcult job.

If you don’t want to execute macro, you can try “Invoke Code” activity to develop a function.

Hi @Toby

Could you pls create a XAML use Invoke Code for this case ?

Thanks you so much!