Compare text and then copy data from excel into PPT file

Hi all.

I have a difficult sample. I want to compare text between Excel and PPT. It will copy data from Excel into PPT TextBox ( Or Rectangle…etc ) if the Text is same.

It will find information in A Col "Code" in excel file same with "S1,S3,S4" in Power and then copy B & C Col text from excel to PPT TextBox.

I could not attached PPT file, pls create your file as below picture. The excel file as attachedCode.xlsx (8.2 KB)

This sample very important to me. Pls kindly check and support me XAML file for this?

Thanks so much!

anyone has solution for this case ?

Thanks you!


Have you tried with computer vision?

You just need to keep open ppt file☺️

(Uipath has released one video tutorial about it you can refer that in beginning.)

Hint- with ai computer vision you will able to locate element on ppt as well

Hi @rahatadi

I know CV activity… but I don’t know how to combine between excel and PPT file.

That’s mean… how to check data and compare between Excel & PPT Textbox and then copy value or text from excel into PPT Textbox.

As my previous post… it will get data from PPT Textbox, if the text is S1 or S3 or S4 then it will check and find data in the excel and push into Textbox on PPT file.

Could you pls support me one XAML file sample ?

Thanks you!

Hi @rahatadi

Do you have any solution for this case?

Thanks you ^^


can you please upload PPT as well?

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Hi @rahatadi

Thanks you man!

I could not uploaded PPT into this page… I have attached picture which is formatted in PPT file as below…

I want to check and compare Code in A Col of excel file with Textbox in PPT file… If the Code is same, it will push data from B & C Col into the another Textbox in PPT file.
Code.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Hi @rahatadi

Do you have any suggest for this case?

Thanks you!

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