How to copy pivot table or chart from excel to ppt file

I have following requirements :
a) How do we create ppt file with link to excel file for dynamic update in chart or graph in ppt file.
b) How do we copy data from excel file to ppt file with customization. With edit slide there is very little option. How do we work with different color fonts and place text at specific location in ppt file. Need to copy pivot table from excel file to ppt file
c) Based on some filter condition in excel file number of slides in ppt file should also increase with information from excel to ppt file.
d) The uipath activities for powerpoint is very limited to just insert,delete and edit slide. How do we perform above functionalities with just these 3 activities.
e) Is there any way to perform dynamic update of ppt file with excel file ? As soon as data in excel file change same should reflect in ppt file instantly.
I couldn’t find many topics on above issues in forum. Any additional pointers will help me.


Hi Sumit,

We are also having similar requirements. Do you have any solution suggestions how you completed this.


Hi Ashok,
As you know we have limitations in using ppt activities in Uipath and most of the cases you cant even use it if you have to do some formatting or color codes in ppt file. Now I guess package of ppt has been removed from Uipath .
My requirement was to copy all data from excel file which get modified dynamically and create ppt file (for each worksheet in excel file) with all those data from excel file.
I did it by writing VB code (create macro in excel file then invoke this macro in uipath) … VB code took care of all copying data from excel to ppt along with excellent color coding and formatting.
I guess you can also do in same way.
Do let me know in case you need the code for same.


Hi sumit,
It will be a great help if you upload your code
Thanks in advance

Hi @hlsumit14, could you please help me with the UiPath PPT flow, where in I have to copy graph chart from excel to PPT, regularly by deleting the previous images in the ppt slides.
Appreciate you help in this regard.
Kind Regards