Difference of usage in uipath license and robot

I have reviewed the document in uipath.
I am confused in the usage of license.

  1. Does it means the maximum number of user that who simultaneously connect their Robot to Orchestrator?
  2. By default, how many license does it has?

Hey @Emily_Yip

Which document did you review?

There are different types of licenses for the robots in UiPath.

Refer to this image

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Hello, By default with Free orchestrator version you have:
2 studio (named User)
1 unattended
2 attended

For the simultaneous user connecting to same Robot you mest have at least 2 unattended license to be able to set 2 concurrent unattended Robot, but in the free version it is not possible since you get only one license.

Hope it helps.



Thanks for reply. It is clear in the number of license now.

And is that means in default , I can only connect the robot only by myself ? As I have a attended robot and need user trigger to start the process, I am finding ways which can give it to someone to use.