Difference in running workflow from Studio and from Robot tray


I have a strange issue that I can’t seem to solve.

I have a workflow that goes like this;

Get Outlook email
Save attachment
Path exist (to check that the file has been saved correctly)
Flow desicion
Read the downloaded attachment
Flow desicion (if rows.count >0)
proceed with workflow
in the end clean up and delete processed file and email.

If I run the flow from studio - both normal run and debug mode the flow goes through without any issues.

But if I execute the flow from Robot tray it exits the flow after downloading the attachment but before it proceeds with workflow.

it tells me that the read range and the following flow desicion probably is the sinner, but why? the exact same workflow gives two outputs depending on the execution.

How about checking the permission on Orchestrator?
Some activities are not work right because of the low permission(role).

It’s run locally and without connection to the orchestrator.

Then how did you run it at robot tray?
It is necessary to connect Orchestrator when using robot tray, isn’t it?

No, the UiRobot is installed on the machine, and published workflows are shown in the tray and can be executed locally.

Is it possible publishing?

For sure, then the robots works offline but locally

Anyone got any ideas to why there is a difference in the two executions?

no input on this issue?