Difference between VB and Csharp

What is the major difference while creating RE framework in VB and Csharp.

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VB is a tiny bit easier to learn, however from Microsoft: We do not plan on evolving VB any further so it is nearing end of life, it will still be around for a long time but I would choose C# for this reason unless you already are comfortable with either of these two.


When creating a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) framework using the UiPath platform, you can choose to develop it using either Visual Basic (VB) or C#. Both programming languages can be used with UiPath’s REFramework, but there are some differences to consider:

  1. Syntax: The syntax of VB and C# is different. VB uses a more verbose and English-like syntax, while C# follows a more concise and C-style syntax. The syntax preference is subjective and depends on the developer’s familiarity and coding style.

  2. Libraries and Ecosystem: Both VB and C# have access to the same underlying .NET libraries, which means they can accomplish similar tasks. However, the availability of code samples, third-party libraries, and community support might vary between the two languages. C# has a larger developer community and ecosystem compared to VB.

  3. Performance: In terms of performance, there is no significant difference between VB and C# when executing RPA tasks within UiPath. Both languages are compiled into Intermediate Language (IL) and run on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) of the .NET framework.

  4. Code Migration: If you plan to migrate or integrate existing code into your RPA framework, it’s worth considering the language compatibility. VB and C# have some syntactical differences, so migrating code from one language to the other may require modifications.

  5. Personal Preference: Finally, the choice between VB and C# often comes down to personal preference or organizational standards. Some developers may have more experience or familiarity with one language over the other, making it easier for them to work with.

Overall, the major difference between creating an REFramework in VB and C# lies in the syntax, developer ecosystem, and personal preference, while the performance and core capabilities remain largely the same.

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