Check diff in old and new XAML file

Hi All,

Is there any tool for comparisons of two XAML file in Uipath?
Suppose I have two XAML file a.xaml and copy the same code in b.xaml and made the little bit change in b.xaml,
now how to compare changes (code and activity) in both file ?

As of what I know there is no such activity for comparing two .xaml files!
BTW may I know what is your requirement actually, I mean why do you want to compare two xaml files?

Technically, you can compare the 2 files as text files.
So Read Text file of .xaml 1 and of .xaml 2, then see if they equal each other.

Though, this method would also see differences in any Annotations or Comments too, I believe.

So that if any team member made the changes and just I want to know about that changes.
This is a very common scenario . We compare for diff -2 purpose.