Get text, get full text , get visible text


Can someone help me understand the difference between
get text, get full text and get visible text

Hi @garimavarshney9 ,

Refer the following video:

get text and get full text difference I am able to understand from this video.
But what about Get visible text. Is it same as Get text or there is some difference?

@garimavarshney9 ,

Its different from get text, and has the ability to extract text from child elements too.

Get visible text extracts a string and its information from an indicated UI element using the Native screen scraping method. This activity can also be automatically generated when performing screen scraping, along with a container.


Hi @garimavarshney9

Get Text: This activity is used to extract the text from a UI element. It retrieves the text as a string, including both visible and invisible characters, such as spaces, tabs, and line breaks.

Get Full Text: This activity is similar to Get Text but it retrieves the entire text from a UI element, including the hidden text that is not currently visible on the screen.

Get Visible Text: This activity retrieves only the visible text from a UI element, excluding any hidden or non-visible text. It can help to improve the accuracy of the text extraction.