Difference between document understanding vs PDF activities


Someone please tell me how DU different from PDF activities?

Because i can see both are doing the same?


Pdf activities are to read or extract or separate or merge pdf

Du is to read extract specific data classify,and much more


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Hi @Salman_Faries ,

The Answer to “If both are doing the same” is a Big NO. But we can say the PDF activities does only the part of extracting the text whenever the Inputs/Document are PDF or Digital PDFs.

However, there’s a Lot more to Document Understanding than just extracting the text.

  • Mainly Document Understanding is used when the dataset or document set contains a lot of different templates (Semi-Structured, Ex: Invoices from Different Vendors) and maybe also the case where there are mixture of different document types.
  • Document Understanding feature/Product comes under the Term of Intelligent Document Processing/Extraction, where Machine Learning or AI capabilities are adopted and are in place for proper assurance of the required Outputs.
  • Here, the DU has the feature/capability to also learn/re-train on how similar a human does the operation/task related to fetching the data within the documents/images.
  • Proper Mapping is done when performing the Training/Re-Training so as to identify the required value for the Designated field.

Simply Walk through the Document Understanding Course in UiPath Academy and PDF activities for a better understanding as it does covers the Basic required differences and experiences :


Thanks for this clear explanation!

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