Read PDF or Dcoument Understanding

For simple document we can use Read PDF instead of DU but most of the developers prefer Document Understanding.

Please xplain the reason behind this

I prefer Read PDF over DU / IDP to be honest.

  • cheaper
  • simpler
  • faster
    And most of all… more reliable, since it does not require training an AI.

However, once a document is less structured, has loads of dynamic content or layout, read PDF is actually less usable, and then IDP overcomes these shortcommings.

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

When ever the pdf has static and structured one and every time the data will come in that pdf we can go through the mostly with read pdfs activity of the but in case if it is having the check boxes it wont work and also if pdf has not exact format and data not coming if we apply regex also won’t work some time not suitable for signatures and check boxes

Coming to Document Understand it is the best any type of Pdf any changes in the pdf even it is having check boxes or data empty or even signature fields we can easily extract same as pdf … And some times we can see the variations in the pdfs for that on we can train that and control the variations and advanced extraction, handles content like tables, and adapts to different document layouts.


Developers prefer Document Understanding over Read PDF because DU offers advanced data extraction, handles structured content like tables, and adapts to different document layouts through machine learning. It enables end-to-end automation of complex document workflows, making it suitable for industries relying on documents. Read PDF is limited to basic text extraction and lacks DU’s scalability and performance for handling large volumes of documents efficiently. DU’s versatility, data extraction capabilities, and automation features make it a more comprehensive choice for intricate document processing tasks.