Installation Community version & Backoffice Robot

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I have one doubt about the installation of Uipath Studio Community & front office Robot:

• Is it possible to install UiPath Studio Community on a physical machine, and the Front Office Robot on a virtual machine?
I red in the istallation webpage: "UiPath Robot - Instals the Robot on the local hard drive. This option is enabled by default and can not be disabled. " Does this mean that for the Community version, the Studio and the Robot can not be separated?

I also have technical / logical doubts about how the backoffice robot works.

• A Windows service is installed? With what credentials does it have to be configured?
• Can the traces be configured?
• Once the process workflow is robotized, how is performed the deployment of the package on the client where the robot is installed?

I would be grateful if someone can send information about these issues, since I’m thinking of purchasing unattended robots.

Thank you!


Studio can be installed on either a physical machine or a VM
Attended (FOR) bot can be installed on a physical or VM (generally would be a physical machine unless generally users are working via a virtualised environement)
The Studio and Robot cannot be separated (I think this will come soon). This does not just apply to Community Edition.

The Windows service is simply created when UiPath Studio is installed so just needs Local Admin rights.
Which traces are you referring to? UiPath creates its own logs, plus some default application logs are visible in Event Viewer.
Orchestrator is the tool that is used to deploy packages to multiple machines/environments (suggest you look at Orchestrator training online)

Any other questions please ask?


Hi Richard,

Thank you for you quick answer. I apreciate it very much.

I just need a quick clarification.

If i want to run in a Server, a workflow previously designed in my desktop computer with Studio Community. Without orchestrator, one option can be the following?:

  1. Install Studio Community (along with robot) in my desktop computer
  2. Install Studio Community (along with robot) in a Windows Server
  3. I develop the workflow in my computer --> I have created the .xaml file
  4. I copy this file to the Virtual Machine (Server)
  5. Run the workflow using the Studio installed in the server

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Yes these are options, however, please note that Community Edition is not to be used for commercial purposes. So, if you are developing a process which is intended for production use then (after any trial period) you should be purchasing a UiPath Studio license for development.

All depends on the context within which are using UiPath.


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