Difference between Anchor base, Read PDF activity and ocr?


What is the difference between Anchor base, Read PDF activity and OCR?. I knew that OCR can be used to read and locate in the image based files but remaining 2 can read only PDF files, so i just want to get clear picture about these 3 in terms of file handling and features.

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hope this would help you

Anchor base : is used to get a specific value and this activity can be used if that value we want has a anchor or solid element or image near to it, so tthat we can keep that an anchor and get the value we want

READ PDF - this is used when pdf has no image that is pdf is native pdf…

READ PDF OCR - sometimes pdf will be in image format with text in it so we need to use OCR to read them

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Read PDF - this activity will be used to read data from Excel file.

Anchor Base - A container that searches for a UI element by using other UI elements as anchors. This should be used when a reliable selector is not available.

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