AI Center Document Training Question

Hello Everyone!

I have questions about AI Center, Please anyone help me with this.

  1. I have two different types of documents like license verification & property doc verification, I need to train the document in the ML model. Do I need to create one ML model or two?

Hi @SrenivasanKanna ,

We would be able to train the ML Model with one Model as well to identify both the Types of Documents. But the problem is that the Documents are not of similar type, there may be fields which are not present in one which may be present in the other.

Hence, I would suggest to train two models separately with the Two Types of Document, as they are of different context altogether.

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Yes, both the documents have few similar labels on it, Thank you so much for your response.

Hi @SrenivasanKanna

If both the documents have similar Fields , you can use only one Model which will consume only one AI Bot.


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