DevOps and BO Reports delivered activities/connectors


As per the business requirement, it is necessary for us to connect to DevOps and BO reports.

Are there any activities/connectors delivered by UiPath to connect to DevOps and BO reports?

Also, we do not have access to the UiPath test suite. We want the create the processes using UiPath studio only.

Thanks in advance
Akash Kwatra

Hi @KWATRA_Akash

Please take a look on high-level architecture picture of UiPath TestSuite

Green boxes are connectors which are available out-of-the-box with UiPath TestSuite.
Azure DevOps is a part of it.

For any other kind of connection, we you can use an open SDK which allows you to build the connectors to connect to any kind of the tools.

This it how it works.

UiPath Test Suite is a prerequisite.

Best regards, Lev