Developer Console Shows Failed Call To Endpoint ""

Why are there errors pointing to the "" endpoint in the browser's developer console?

Sometimes, while navigating through the Orchestrator and opening the Developer Console, certain failed calls are made to the "" endpoint like the below:

This call is essentially made for telemetry purposes. Checking the Microsoft portal, this seems to be related to Application Insights SDK and/or Status Monitor that sends data to the portal.

More information can be found in these reference articles:

The UiPath Robot also utilizes this endpoint (along with a few others) to send telemetry data. Find this information in the "Outbound Connections" List in the document that elaborates on the services that the Robot connects to.

A failed call to the said endpoint can indicate a potential firewall or proxy blocking the same.



Note: Errors such as above should not affect the Orchestrator functionality since the endpoint is used purely for telemetry.