Detect username (E-Mail) and password in any website

Hi there, I am new to uipath and need help with this following problem. Im trying to build a sequence that can recognize the username field and password field in any website (Inside the get active window activity) .
With which activity could it be possible?

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–we can use FIND TEXT POSITION activity where pass the text as “username” and it will search for that text and gives us output with a variable of type uielement
–now use a Anchor base activity where we can use FIND ELEMENT activity in which mention the above variable as input in ELEMENT property
–where in the right side of the anchor base use TYPE INTO Activity and mention the username as a string

similarly for password as well

hope this could help you
Cheers @Aymen_Baklouti

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately it doesn’t function.
I tried it with facebook website and it was blocked on finding the text poition…

Find text position activity must be set with browser page as a selector
I hope you have chosen the username field as a element
Kindly correct me if I m wrong
Cheers @Aymen_Baklouti

I have the browser in the selector.
Cheers @Palaniyappan

Hi @Palaniyappan ,
do you have any idea, how I can solve this problem ?
Thank you.

can you select that username field box with TYPEINTO activity and share the selector of it
would like to have a view on that to move from there on