Detect color from website

I want detect the color from website(green dot)…
if green then write active in excel…

Please help…


You could use Element Exists activity which returns boolean value if it finds it then value is True

This way you can check


But there is number of row in web page…i want to check each row…how???

not all details can be identified from the screenshot so I will start to answer in a general way:

if we can grab a webtable to get the information on how many items we have to process and for an element index calculation, then it is a preferred way.

if an information cannot be scrapped by data scrapping then find children, get Attributes … activities will help to post process remaining information retrieval

if the green dot detection can be bound to evaluating an image source (image url) then we can incorporate it by adopting the data scrapping config from source attribute text to src

if it cannot be grapped in datascrapping we do use the other activies mentioned above and do using index info by dynamizing the selectors:

with a for while loop and the test if the element with this particular index exists we can setup a dynamic retreival.

In case of we do need to retrieve info different e.g. from CSS then it can be done with following:

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I used element exist activity…i don’t know how used for multiple data…

lets do one by one:

first round: requirements -

  • from your screenshot indicate the green / not green part
  • share with us the details e.g. if more then 1 data is to retrieve

about the activites:

  • element exists - for checking if e.g. element with a particular selector / index is present
  • get attribute - e.g. retrieving the src info for an image
  • data scraping - table data retrieval

There is number data is available in webpage,…In screenshot there is only 1 data is available…

sorry didn’t get you.

I my screenshot there is only 1 data is available but there is 10 data with same format is available on same page…
i want check each green dot…and put “Active” in excel…

ok thanks, now more clear. so we do read 1 status per page.

here just help. It looks like we can check for different css class information. Please show us the element in Browser webtools (F12) for both cases the green one and the not green one

extract green dot/not green is possible by using data scrampping activity

the request was in direction to analyse more the element.

I can’t get that element in webtool…