Detailed explanation on SimulateClick property of Click activity

While doing the UiPath Developer Foundation Course on UI Interactions in the Input Action section, I was trying the same method used for the “SimulateClick” property given in the course video for the Input Action. At 2:55, the tutor mentions to check the option “SimulateClick” in properties section for the “Click” activity, which was to click the “Format” menu in the Notepad.
When I followed the same method I got the error as shown below:
But, when I unchecked the “SimulateClick” property to “False”, the process worked successfully.
I searched my best to find out what is the purpose of “SimulateClick” with real-time scenario but couldn’t find anywhere.

It would be great if someone could explain why this error occurs.

P.S. please do not copy paste the exact same explanation given in the UiPath documentation.


I am also facing the same issue and looking forward for the solution.

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@ans9 and @Tinju Below statement might help you :hugs:
Using Simulate Click does not rely on the mouse driver, so it provides a faster way of performing click actions. On the other hand, some applications might not support this click type.

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Thanks for responding Arpit, but am sorry to say that it wasn’t quite helpful as I have already seen that description before. And it doesn’t relate to the solution I needed :sweat_smile:
Also, the “Click” activity works perfectly for minimize button of the notepad with “SimulateClick” property checked. And also for the font option click inside the Format menu. The issue is only for the Format menu click in my case.