Detail activity steps capturing UiPath software robot at work processing invoices in SAP

I see a video in youtube capturing UiPath software robot at work processing invoices in SAP.

Can you please share the detail steps of the UiPath activities.


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Hello there,

Thanks for the reply but i want the step details of the use case mentioned in the video.

Hi Malika,

The step details are in the video. You can see every activity that is used in the workflow. If you’re asking about the activities’ properties, for example after extracting all pdf text, there are several Assign activities used to get the exact information that is needed. That is done with string manipulation(substring).

My point is that since you can see every activity that is used, you can recreate the workflow yourself based on your needs.
In order to understand better the activities’ properties, you can sign up for our Academy’s free trainings.

Hi @ddpadil @ovi

Can you please share the xaml file? For learning purposes…


@delf did you ever see that xaml?

I too would be VERY interested in seeing how the properties were used to capture certain information. Could we have the xaml please?


Hi @Mallika @delf @ddpadil @ovi @yards
Has anybody gotten the xaml file?
It would too be very great if I can get the xaml as well.
Thank you in advance.

Nope :slight_smile:

Its pretty much impossible to automate invoice processing without making regular supplier templates because it is NON-deterministic.

Randomly arranged sheets of paper with varying consistency of content and information is never going to reliably have a 100% success rate without a very advanced AI engine.

This is why im facinated to see the above workflow. It seems to either solve a cherry picked set of documents or it is hiding some of its design (only works with templates)

Good luck, you will never see it.

Hey there folks,

The video is 2 years old. So the team is working on updating the video & workflow and I’ll let you know when it will be public so you can check by yourselves how the Robot does all those tricks :slight_smile:


If you need to extract information from different types of invoices including scanned images, I would suggest to check the Rossum invoice capture technology. It uses machine learning to circumvent the algorithmical unctractability of the task.
It can extract data from invoices without any template setup and will return the extracted fields plus metadata (as JSON, XML, CSV). The robot can then manage further invoice workflow including posting to SAP or other ERP systems. Developers’ edition is available here: The API documentation is here: Rossum API Reference. It can be used together with UIPath by using HTTPRequest activity. Sending invoices and receiving extracted data by email is also possible.

By the way, an example of integrating Rossum and UIPath: Data extraction from invoices - Rossum and UiPath | Rossum

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@ovi I saw the re-released video, still not seen any sort of .XAML provided. I hate it when I’m right.