Deserialize XML error after SOAP request

Hello everyone, I’m stuck with a technichal problem which I have not solved yet.
I simply need to call a SOAP webservice and then read some fields of the xml in response. I tested the call locally with SoapUi and it works fine. When I try to do the same in UiPath, after deserializing the xml in response with the “deserialize xml activity” I get the following error:

" unable to cast object of type ‘newtonsoft.json.linq.jvalue’ to type ‘system.string’ "

Another aspect which I don’t understand is that if I use ‘write Line’ activity on the SOAP response received from the “Soap Request activity” I get System.Xml.XmlElement, while in other webservice calls I tested, the writeLine activity gives me back the xml content that I need to deserialize.

I’ve already been through the post Deserialize XML and and they couldn’t help.