SOAP Request gives String but it is an XML


I’m using a SOAP request and it is working properly but that request gives me an XML, so when I get the result in a message box I see:


I need to read that but I cannot do anything because the SOAP request directly get a String not an XML Element.



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Try using Deserialize XML Activity

So it will accept XML String and output XML Document

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following url help you to understand how to deserialize XML String

Deserialize is not a valid activity to get the xml content. It gives me an error inmediately


Is it public available SOAP link, if so share us the link, we can check


we do use deserialize XML for preparing the XML Processing and it is definitively a valid activity for this.
In case of you received an error, so do not report us that you faced an error. Directly please share the error message with us. So we focus on analysing instead of reasking and playing ping pong rounds. Thanks

It is not public, sorry

The error is this:

Deserialize XML: Date from root level are not valid. line1 , position 1.

as the XML Parsing fails I would suggest to dump out the response into a text file for further analysis . The goal of analysis is to identify the reasons what is blocking to accept / validate the XML.