Deserialize JSON Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken (2)

In Previous solution related to this error it was mentioned “to resolve this we have to keep the same version of Newtonsoft.Json in the project”.
Can anyone explain what does it mean: “the same version of Newtonsoft.Json in the project”? Where and what to check?
To clarify: even If I have only one DeserializeJSON activity, it fails.

Hey @Squadacheck

What’s the data your are passing as input to De-serialize activity and the type you are trying to convert ?


Deserialize JSON.pdf (120.1 KB)
Let’s see in attached file

I am passing JSON string as “Initial_API_Result” variable (string format).
“Initial_API_Result” comes from HTTP request.

Hi @Squadacheck ,

Probably it means that we would require to keep the versions of the Newtonsoft.Json being used in the Project Dependencies to be the same.

For Example, you could Check the Dependencies of UiPath.System.Activities and UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities, the versions of both these Dependencies are the same or supposed to be the same.

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it could have the meaning, that the Newtonsoft package is required to be of a particular version:

I see ‘UiPath.Mail.Activities’ has different newtonsoft.json version then other packages (UiPath.System.Activities and UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities).
How to make it in a sync?