Error Deserialize JSON

Im having trouble trying to deserialize this json i get from an GET API call


I get this error thrown

“Deserialize JSON: Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.LinqToken. Path ‘classes’, line 1, position 12.”

I have already read all the topics i could find on the uipath forum, i have tried looking at the WebAPI and NewtonsoftJson documentation and have found no awnsear. Can someone please help me?

Hi @mlziade,

Can you please remove slash() from json as below and then try it?

{ “Constants”: [ ] }

It should work.


hello @sonaliaggarwal47

i have tried it, pretty sure its not the problem

as you can see, studio understands it does not have slashes


HI @mlziade,

Can you please try by defining something in it? its not able to populate anything under json token classes as its blank.

{ “Constants”:
“Name”: “log”,
“Value”: “Ent”


please share with us your code, that you are usingfor the deserialization. Thanks

Activity is working
it passed to breakpoint

Api is working:

Kindly note: in the panels output \" @.."" are visualizing the occurence of a doubleQuote and are not part of th string:


Hi everyone, i descovered the problem. It was a compatibility error between the WebAPI package and the newest version of the DataService package (21.10.0). I have already open a ticket to report the bug, if possible avoid using the newest version until its fixed.

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