Deserialize JSON Array: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value

I’m going through a course named " Application Testing with Ui Path Test Suite", under Practice Section there is assignment on API testing. I followed all the steps mentioned in the solution, but I’m struggling with an error while simple Deserializing JSON Array. Below attaching screenshot

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please check the following:
When JSON starts with a { then use deserialize JSON and typeArgument: JObject

Otherwise please the share the JSON with us. Thanks

Your string has a < at the beginning and that means it’s not JSON. Show us the value of your result variable.

Hi, I have shared the Log Message, you were right, it starts with <, but why I’m not encrypting or decrypting any of the results. Just simply calling API and getting the it

Screenshot shows a typical JArray starting with [

other screenshot shows a HTML Answer, which is not a JArray JSON

This can happen when e.g. any issueat the endpoint occurs e.g. a malformed Request Call

That’s not JSON. Show us your HTTP request and how it’s configured.