Deserialize json error - unexpected character

I have a json as below

“userid”: “Rupam”,

and I am getting error as unexpected character encounter while parsing value.

I know there is a “” missing in json however I am getting above json only from API. so how could I resolve this

The email property is missing quotes. If this is how the value comes from the api, you could add the quotes before deserializing by string manipulation.

We are getting a huge json such as 1000 lines and there are multiple places where we have email in such format

First Serialize your response and then deserialize it

Not sure how this should work. If you serialize a string, you get the same string as result?

If you serialized the response first, the anomalies inside the string will be taken care of. And the you can deserialize the serialized json to tap into each object you need. I would suggest you try the approach and let me know if you have any queries

Still getting the json as output