Deserialize JSON Array Error (Unexpected Character was encountered)

When I try to deserialize JSON.

I get the below error:

Deserialize JSON Array: After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: f. Path ‘[0].abcdefg_offer’, line 1, position 336.

What does this mean? How to resolve this?

please share with us the JSON. thanks

Here is the json sting that gives me the error when I try to deserialize it.

We crocc checked with

JSON was valid is a JObject and was deserializable with

I am using Deserialize Json Array activity.

I see the error when I use that.

It is a JObject
it starts with { and not with [

Maybe you can clear the source of thi file as following can create confusion:
but the end is

the value is a string but has an opening [ and looks truncated

when validating only this part in LINT it fails for sure (also other issues)

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I was able to resolve the issue.
I missed a “,” in the JSON string. I did not add it. That caused the issue.

Appreciate your help.

Perfect, Tools like JSON Lint helps us often for such analysis

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