Descriptors in object repository are missing

Dear All,

I have a problem with descriptors in object repository. I have created multiple custom libraries myself. They are available in our Orchestrator tenant.

We have created new VM for our new RPA developer, we installed studio 2022.10.10 there. Modern experience is enabled.

Whenever we download our custom library from Orchestrator, we can see all activities and descriptors from that library.
However, when we open the same library directly from our network drive (where we store our projects) - we cannot see any descriptors. It is imposible to add new activities to the library from new VM, because the package in Orchestrator will no longer have descriptors.

Whenever we open the same library from our old VM, descriptors are available and visible.

Does anybody know how is it possible, that the same library has descriptors on old VM, and has 0 descriptors on new VM? Are descriptors stored locally?

Old VM has studio 2022.10.05 installed


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Please check this…you need to publish your Object repo I believe

How to publish



Thanks for Your answer.
I don’t think this is the issue here.

To test it, I created new library on our new VM, i added multiple activities to object repository. I saved this library project on our network drive. Then I logged onto our old VM, I opened this project and I can see all descriptors.

I did the same on old VM - I created new library project, saved on network device, logged onto new VM and I can’t see any descriptors.

The same steps, different results.

Back to my first post:
Left part of below picture are descriptors in library project on old VM.
Also, when I create new project on new VM and I install this library directly from orchestrator I can see all descriptors.
Right part of this picture are descriptors in the same library project, just on new VM with another version of Studio.


Then try to upgrade the packages on the old vm and then publish and then open the new one on the new vm

May be it is the pckage name difference


If the issue persists even when you create a new library project on the new VM and save it on the network drive, it suggests that there might be a difference between how the two versions of UiPath Studio handle descriptors.

Since you’ve mentioned that the problem occurs with Studio 2022.10.10 on the new VM but not with Studio 2022.10.05 on the old VM, it could be a version-specific behavior.

Make sure you have both versions of Studio on the old and new VMs are using the same packages and versions, including any custom libraries.

Cheers @timothy7


This was my first thought too. Somebody described simillar problem here, however I cannot downgrade my new studio to 2022.10.5 and I am a bit scared to update 2022.10.5 to 2022.10.10

I will keep this thread updated once I solve my issue

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Hey everyone,

I face the same issues @timothy7 described. When I upload a library that entails both descriptors and UI activities, I can access the custom activities in my projects but not the descriptors.

As soon as I publish without the activities, I can see all the descriptors again in the object repository of any project.

The issue happened after I updated all packages in my libraries and projects to the newest versions. So right now I feel like the only workaround is to have two libraries - one for the descriptors and one for the custom activities?