UiPath.WebApi 12.0 - Orchestrator authentication deprecated

Hi all , I see that this method:

has been deprecated when it comes to authenticating user in order to use Orchestrator APIs.

  1. Is it deprecated for both cloud and on premise orchestrator ?
  2. I just used it and worked on postman( i got the access key in my response) but I dont want to risk continuing to use it and then later I have to change it once it is cut off, any clue when it will be stopped for on-premise Orchestrator ?
  3. Can I continue using this ?


When working with cloud Orchestrator you’d better use this endpoint:



Avalability of former endpoint in On-Premise Orchestrator will depend on your upgrading plans for that installation.

Thanks for getting back to me @dokumentor , I am using on-premise orchestrator , do you suggest , I continue using the on on the screenshot that I sent?

What do you mean by it will depend on upgrading plans for orchestrator ?

As I can see method deprecated is NTLM:

OAuth Authentication is the recommended:

Some additional helpful references. Afaik Basic Auth has not been publically depricated yet, but NTLM has. OAuth for External Applications for On-Prem is available as of 2021.4


Meaning , I can continue using this method

for on-premise ?

In the moment yes with both Basic and NTLM. But be aware that NTLM has already been depricated and I wouldn’t be surprised if the authentication endpoint or basic auth is also depricated within the next few major releases.

As noted above, OAuth is preferred and where authentication is heading if you want to stay ahead of the game.

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