Deployment via Dialogflow and customizing the chatbot

Hey there,

I build a chatbot in dialogflow and connected it with UiPath. When I test it via the web function at everything works fine. Now, I would like to customize the chatbot. Is there any other option than overwriting the standard css of the chatbot?

When I use the Dialogflow messenger option at to customize the chatbot the connection to UiPath gets obviously lost and the processes doesn’t start automatically anymore.

Also when I use Botcopy ( to launch the dialogflow chatbot the connection to UiPath doesn’t exist anymore.

Is there any way to customize the appearance?

Thanks for your help!


is there any way to customize the look of the chatbot? The chatbot connector offers the possibility to embed the chatbot via an iframe. But the iframe is, due to the CORS, not customizeable.


Hi @max.mlr, currently we do not have a way to customize the look of the web widget.
Out of curiosity, what are the sort of customizations you’d like to make to it

Hey Karan,

thanks for your answer.

For demo purpose and a study project I need to build a conversational user interface based on UiPath an Google Dialogflow. The chatbot connector and the web widget make the implementation a lot easier. The only bad thing is that the web widget can’t be customized.

I’d like to integrate an individual stylesheet to customize the look of the web widget, just to build e.g. a full screen chat window or add different colors to the message boxes etc.

@max.mlr - thanks for the context. As an alternative, you can choose to integrate Dialogflow and UiPath Orchestrator via NodeJS, and build your own chat interface.
The sample here should help you get strated: Chatbot with Dialog flow - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

@max.mlr , Could you please let me know how to custmize the chatbot by overwritting the standard css of the chatbot? If you could please provid me a sample for the same.

Thank you