Customization of Chatbot

Can we customize the chatbot(like changing the background color,Font and color of text) which is configured in Any idea?


Hi @lipsa.satapathy1 it is not possible to customize the color/font, etc. of the web widget in the chatbot connector at this time

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Thank you for the reply. Could you please let me know where the chat logs get stored in this chatbot?

@lipsa.satapathy1 - all chat transcripts are stored in Google Dialogflow. Information that is sent to the user as a result of a process run is not stored in Dialogflow or in the chatbot connector. For execution logs and result of process runs, you’ll need to access them from Orchestrator

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Thank you @Karan for the clarification. As per my understandings, the chat conversation is getting stored in dialogflow. May I know how the previous chat conversation is stored in the dialogflow(like in which database).

Another question is can we integrate uipath chatbot(chatbot.uipath) with different channels like Facebook, SMS, twillio, teams etc.

@lipsa.satapathy1 - Details on how and where dialogflow logs this data can be found on their docs here: Cloud logging  |  Dialogflow ES  |  Google Cloud
From their docs, it looks like this might be stored in Google Cloud Logging

On channels, it is currently not possible to create custom channel integrations using the chatbot connector. If your scenario requires integration with channels that the preview does not provide, I’d recommend building an integration following the sample here: Chatbot with Dialog flow - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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Thank you @Karan for the detailed explanation. I will go through the links provided by you.

Hi @Karan,

Do you have any idea, if we can integrate Amazon Lex with Uipath.
Could you please provide links or any documents which can be helpful.


Hi @lipsa.satapathy1 - you can build a custom integration to trigger unatteded automation from Amazon LEX for fulfillment. You’ll need to create AWS Lambda functions to do so.

Hi @Karan,

Hope you are doing good.

Need some clarification regarding how does the uipath cloud work.

As per my understandings, once we publish the workflow package in Orchestrator, then our process is in cloud. So, when run the process from Orchestrator, then the process should run in the cloud.

Am I correct or the process run in local machine?

Could you please clarify.

Waiting for your response and thank you in advance.

Hi @lipsa.satapathy1 -
To your first question on how it works, the UiPath Automation Cloud allows you to leverage services offered by UiPath (like, Apps, Data Service, Orchestrator, and more!) all in the cloud managed by UiPath - the benefit being that you do not need to self-host services. Also, certain services are only available in the cloud (e.g., Data Service).

On the Orchestrator service in Automation Cloud, this enables you to connect, monitor and manage automations and robots from a single place without having to self-host this service.
The robots that execute the process need to be installed on a local machine or vm and connect to the Orchestrator cloud instance.

Thank @Karan for the clarification.

Actually I followed below steps:

  1. Designed my workflow in machine 1 and published the package in orchestrator.
  2. Then created one chatbot and integrate that chatbot to trigger a uipath process in orchestrator.
  3. I have web snippet of the chatbot to test that chatbot in any webpage.
  4. Suppose, I am logging in from another machine (machine 2) from different credentials ( like a different user) and trying to interact with the chatbot available in the webpage.
    Here, do I need my machine 1 to be open always to run the process?

I tried the above scenario and uipath is running and giving response in machine 2 when my machine 1 is open. Else it is not giving response. When I am checking the job status in orchestrator, then it’s showing as
“Pending allocation”. I have used 1 unattended bot. Also using community edition.

How to resolve this issue? And if 10 users are trying to interact with chatbot from 10 different machines then how it will work??

Is there any setup needs to be done in machine 2 ?

Ideally,if we are using webchatbot, then any one can access it and trigger the uipath flow ( i.e intents mapping to the uipath process) from chatbot to run the process in cloud.

Hi @Karan ,

As I am using community edition. All processes are running in my local system even if I am using unattended bot.
If we will use the enterprise edition of uipath,
whether the processes will be run in uipath cloud for unattended machine or do we need to configure uipath with any cloud like Azure,aws etc.

Could you please confirm?


Hi @lipsa.satapathy1, you need to install an unattended robot and connect it to Orchestrator to run unattended automation.
Regardless of whether you are using enterprise or community - you can choose to install the robot on a physical device (like your local system) or a VM (commonly used in production scenarios)

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our documentation that covers a lot of these questions: Deploying Unattended Robots - Enterprise License

Hi @Karan

To make the unattended bot available for 24/7, then we need the Robot in Cloud virtual environment. For example, we can use Azure, AWS etc. Does Uipath provide it’s cloud to host the Virtual machine?