Deploying REFramework with Attended license

Hi there community!

I was wondering whether it is possible to deploy the unattended REFramework in an environment which only has an attended license - the process will not run off a schedule however using the REFramework will help cut dev time drastically (only have to remove parts such as the request stop etc. As the licensing structure is a bit unclear to me, i’m not sure whether restrictions are put in place to deploy - I haven’t tried due to the environment being a client’s environment (they only have prod currently).

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you all so much! :slight_smile:,

Though REFramework is designed for Unattended bot, you can use it for attended as well but it can be a bit tricky, as the licensing structure and capabilities of attended vs. unattended robots are different.

While it is technically possible to deploy a modified version of the REFramework in an environment with only an attended license, it requires careful consideration and modification of the framework.

Point to remember, when bot is running machine would require to be logged in and there should be no human intervention.

Ashok :slight_smile: