Dependencies stopped downloading - 403 error

Hi All,

bit of a weird one, today I imported a process that my colleague built only to find that all the dependencies were showing as red. Repairing didn’t work and neither did re-adding them. Finally as a last hurrah I removed all the dependencies from the json file and started adding them manually one by one, this appeared to be working until I came across one that I hadn’t added previously on my machine. This dependency failed to download and then turned all the others red as well… very bizarre.

Looking at the log, it shows that there was an issue trying to download the dependency, 403 (Forbidden)

I’ve not had any issues with this previously. Eventually I resolved it by manually downloading the package from uipath connect and then dumping the nuget file into the packages directory. after doing this I was able to add it as normal in studio. A solution to be sure, but I can see that getting old pretty quick.

Has anyone come across this before and knows how to sort it?

We’re on Studio 2018.4.6

@Pete.Darby, I am able to install “PasswordProtection.Activities” package without any issue. Are you using Proxy? Is there any network restriction in your environment?

Alternatively, download the package manually from here: RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace


Hi Bhavik,
As mentioned in my post, I was able to download and install the package manually as a work around, however, this isn’t really a sustainable solution going forwards. Please note, its not just this package, but rather any that I don’t already have downloaded and installed.

My colleague is not facing the same issue, and we are both working from home. I’ve also never previously had this issue whilst working from home.

The fact it is throwing up a 403 error suggests to me that there’s some sort of authorisation failing somewhere?

@Pete.Darby, Absolutely spot on. Error 403 suggests authentication issue. That’s the reason I ask “Is there any restrictions in your environment?”
I am pretty much sure it has something to do with your setup. May be VPN? May be Proxy? May be Anti-virus?

Hi Bhavik,

We’ve done some more testing around this today, and it turns out that when using the exact same set up as I do my colleague also has the issue. Currently we have 2 solutions for VPN at our company as one is being rolled out and another scaled back, currently we have both solutions available to connect via. It seems like when connected to our original VPN Solution everything works fine, but when on the new one it doesn’t… most frustrating

It would be interesting to know though why UIPath isn’t able to download automatically, but I can still access the site manually and download the package, which suggests that the site itself isn’t being blocked?

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@Pete.Darby, I think you should talk to your IT guys regarding the same. Can you please share the link which you are using to download package manually?

Talking to IT will be the next step, however I suspect without being able to tell them exactly what the issue is I probably won’t be able to get much out of them. If I can at least point them in the right direction as to what exactly the issue is, its more likely to be resolved.

I used the same link as the one you posted when I grabbed the package manually.

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@Pete.Darby, Can you please try one more url please:

Please note it is for same package but through api.

Cheers :slight_smile: