Delete the whole column using months

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Can anyone guide me, need to filter on dec’19 month and delete whole selected(Name & Team columns.)



@VINOTH_KUMAR_R So you want to Delete the Rows which contains Months as Dec’19 ?

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To filter we have Filter Database Activity, so you can remove all found, delete the original range and write the new one, that will ‘delete’ those lines in excel.

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Yes correct.

Could you please explain me briefly.


  1. Read the Excel File using WorkBook Read Range Activity, Output will be a Datatable

  2. Use that Datatable in Filter Datatable Activity in this way

  3. The Output Datatable will have rows that you need.

There is also a Possibility of not getting the Output, If you haven’t got the Output , Notify us :sweat_smile:


Got this ERROR.image

Thanks for help and i have tried as per your instructions…

Do you have any other way to do this activity.

@VINOTH_KUMAR_R Did you get the Output ? :sweat_smile:

No the job has stopped during the execution and throwed the above mentioned error.

@VINOTH_KUMAR_R Are you using the Community Edition ?
Kill the Excel Process if running in Task Manager and Run the Workflow again

Yes am using community edition. finally got this error.image

@VINOTH_KUMAR_R Have you Checked Add Headers Property in Read Range Activity ?
Also have you provided the Correct Column Name? :sweat_smile:

Yes all set good. but same error occured.

@VINOTH_KUMAR_R Can you Provide the xaml File, there might be a Bug in Community Edition that you use :sweat_smile:

You should test things using your Studio, it will be easier :wink:

Please check the Delete_Column.xaml (6.6 KB)

@VINOTH_KUMAR_R Also try debugging to your level best to find the problem as @bcorrea suggested :sweat_smile:

Am using all my activity through studio. but not working