Delete Queue Items


Ui Path Studio 2018 has a new activity called “Delete Queue Items”. ¿Can I get the items of a selected Queue with “Get Queue Items”, and then erase them with the delete activity? It should be like clean the queue.

I did that but I’m getting the next error: “Delete queue items : Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Forbidden’”.

Thank you guys, waiting some response.


Is the robot that deletes the items having the delete items permission?



Thank you for answer badita.

I dont know where i can find those permissions… can you tell where are them please?

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I have all those permissions check in my robot. But it still not cleaning the Queue.

In “Delete queue items” i just put as input the List of items that “Get queue items” give back to me.

Also, my Ui Path Studio version is 2018 and Orchestrator too.

Thank you guys


Hi Pablo,

In the user guide you will find what permissions you need in order for the activity to work properly:

To change the Robot role, go to Orchestrator - Users - Roles (ex: UiPath). For the Robot role, click the Edit button and add permissions according to the User Guide.

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Thank you guys, but im getting the same error, because I had the permission enabled before.


Maybe this screenshot can help you.


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I was having the same problem but the roles thing helped. It’s probably worth double checking the role again because you need to make sure its the Robot who has the access, not you as the human Orchestrator user.

It is also worth saying that the deleted queue items can be seen in the queue after they have been deleted, (so will not appear entirely 'clean) however they have the status deleted and will not show up in the queue metrics when on the queue page in Orchestrator. If you want to get rid of the the deleted ones (or any other status ones) from the transaction view in Orchestrator then you can apply a filter to the queue transactions.


Mmmm… Maybe it should work but… Look, I have 2 roles, called administrator and robot. I’m working with Administrator role (which have all permissions), and the role “robot” has a few permissions checked. I dont know if maybe the role that try to clean the queue could be the “robot” role. Take a look of this screenshot.

Administrator Roles

Robot Roles

Thank you very much guys. I really appreciate your help.


check delete transactions for the robot role.


You are my master, It worked.

Thank you a lot my friend. I’m really glad.