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Could anyone please help,

I want to delete data in Excel sheet, but my header is in 17th row and before that (1-16)some description is there, and i want to keep that data. and want to delete whole data from row 18th to the end of column A:S.

Buddy @keshav

you can read the range row from A1:J17 and why do we need to delete the remaining rather we can get the first 17 row alone buddy @keshav

  1. open the excel application scope
  2. use read range activity and mention the range as A1:J17 that would take the first 17 rows alone
  3. Use write range to write the first 18 rows alone to a excel buddy

Hope this would help you


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Actually Till row 16 description is coming through formula from another excel. so i need to keep that. if I will read that only 16 row and write range in another excel it will remove the formula.

That’s why i want to delete directly from A18.


No buddy it wont get deleted as you are getting as datatable, the value will be obtained as a datatable buddy… @keshav

You can do this a few ways,

One one is to read range from cell A18 , then remove all data from that table then write the blank table over the top from cell A18 again

Another way would be to do it as a user would.

  • Open the workbook / sheet
  • Navigate to cell A18 - Then Control + Shift + Right + Down
  • Then push delete.


Buddy in that case if we do the second option like deleting the records and saving, as @keshav said the top 16 rows description are obtained from below table and if we delete them the above details will get deleted know…buddy


Buddy the thing is we are not going to delete the rows from 18 row and that would actually remove the description in the first 18 rows…rather what we are going to do is we are going to get the first 18 rows being available and store it as a datatable, so there is no way of data getting deleted …because its saved as datatable not obtained as datatable…there is a difference here buddy @keshav, so fetching the first 18 rows and pasting it another excel can make it resolved buddy

But that is what he is asking… to delete data from row 18 A:S

I am assuming he will then want to populate that area with new data as the top rows are formulas?

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Yah may be if @keshav wants to keep the first keep the first 18 rows and deleting the rest and then again creating a table down below 18th row and that can add description to the first 18 row - columns…

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I Think @TimK is saying right. I want to delete data from A18. @Palaniyappan A1 to 16 not coming from below data it is coming from another excel . U both are saying right let me check by which way I can achieve.

Thank u Very much


@Palaniyappan No Buddy … It’s coming from another linked excel.



Sorry i misunderstood …sorry

No Problem… Thanks for you time. Appreciated !!!
@Palaniyappan @TimK

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No problem :slight_smile:

If you marked one of the post which suits your answer most as the solution it can help others in a similar situation

  1. How to Navigate to Cell 18.
  2. Control+Shift+Right+Down will not work… because i need to delete the data of column A to S only (There is column from A to AD). If I will Send hot key Control+Shift+Right+Down it will select all data from Cell A18.


Buddy @keshav once after opening the excel using start process activity with file path passed as input to it, send a hot key of ctrl+g and type into activity to type the value as A18 in the reference field and use click activity to press ok
Now it will go to the Cell A18 and now again use a hot key ctrl+shift+end using send hot key activity that would select from A18 till end and you can use click activity to delete them


@Palaniyappan Thank you. But I want to delete the data of column of A to S. (Sheet has column A to AD). Ctrl+shift+end will select data of all column of A to AD…


NO buddy @keshav as you are currently in A18 after using ctrl+G which means goto this cell, if we press ctrl+shif+end it willclick from there to end only buddy not the full sheet. I tried it was working buddy

@keshav Please try the below approach :

  1. Take Select range inside Excel application scope.
  2. Inside same cope take send hotkey “del”. Indicate excel.
  3. followed by Send hotkey “Ctrl+s”. Indicate excel.

Yes It will select from A18 to AD column. but I want to select from A18 to S column only.

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