Deleting multiple items from the Orchestrator Queue

Facing the same bug for almost a year already. When I’m selecting multiple items in the Orchestrator Queue and then pressing the “Remove” button it deletes only one item from the selected. Nevertheless, in the popup description of the remove button, it’s clearly stated “Are you sure you want to delete the selected items?”.

It would be really great if you can have a look at it, as sometimes it’s not really convenient and takes a lot of time to manage it manually.


@loginerror is there any news regarding this issue?

Hi @ashevchuk @jvanmarion

What are your Orchestrator versions? I’ve just tested in on the Cloud Orchestrator and it seemingly deleted both items:

I just added your name to check if this has been resolved or if it’s still on the backlog. I use the cloud CE edition, but don’t use the queue item list at the moment.

@ashevchuk can you tell in which Orchestrator version / setup you are having this issue?

As mentioned above, I’ve tested it on Orchestrator instance and it is fixed :slight_smile: