Delay or on Image

All - I am working within a really difficult system where no selectors are identified or valid. So, in order to keep the bot operating, I have built in Delays and/or “On Image” signs. But, the problem I am having is that when I go to export the excel reports, the size of the reports can vary each time I export a new report. I cannot use an “On Image” because while the systems dims a little, the image looks similar enough that the bot thinks that the image is there.

There are two solutions I have thought of:

  1. Adding a really long delay that accommodates every report exported. (I don’t like this option because some reports can take 5 seconds to export while others can take over a minute. It’s not the most efficient)
  2. If I increase the “On Image” Accuracy to “1” instead of 0.8, maybe this will account for the dimming of the system when reports are being exported because it brightens up after the report is finally exported.

Is there any element or image that vanished so that we can use Wait Image Vanish activity
Cheers @Mitchell_Binder