Define Row and value on Pivot table activities

Hi, could I define row and value on uipath pivot table activites?
I used the create pivot table activites to create pivot table, but the output sum the inovice number, date… it’s not expected results. How do i define row and sum value on uipath?


Please check below thread to know more about Create Pivot Table activity.

Thank you, lakshman,

I have read this docs before. But it seems this doc is about StudioX. I don’t find this activity " `UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.CreatePivotTableX" on Studio Pro…


Sorry. I thought you are looking for StudioX.

In Studio activity, we don’t have any option to define row and all.

Is there any work around, such that I can define row and column on UiPath? Do vba is the only way?

VBA is not just the only, but also the best way to do specific pivot tables. There are so many options besides just creating a pivot so that I prefer to code this in VBA and call that from UiPath.

Hello JackY,
Here I have a Video with code of how I create Pivot Tabel:

VBA Code: