How to make a Pivot Table via UIPATH



HI Guys,

I made a normal table on Excel, now I need to create a Pivot Table by using UIPATH. I got the short key like: Alt + V + N then Enter; however, I have not idea about how to modify the Pivot Table setting (ie. check on the column boxes) in order to build up the new table.

In this case, I’d like to move the “Credit/Debt” column into [Columns], “Country” column into [ROWS], and “Sum of Amount” into [VALUES].

Lastly, I also need to copy/paste the built Pivot Table to a new sheet.

Many thanks !

Pivot_Table.xlsx (13.2 KB)


Do we have a solution for this?


Hi , may I know what you are looking for…


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Check this link for your reference regarding Pivot

We can create based on assign statements and manipulate the operations

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