Decompile .dll file to .xaml file


Is there any way to decompile .dll file into .xaml file?
I got several answers to download the exe - dotPeek
But in organisation’s laptop can not download any exe.

I am thinking to create a utility which will take a dll and it will extract into xaml files.
In UiPath I am thinking to use C# reflection code which will take dll as in input and in a specific path it will provide the xaml files.

Please me to write the C# code to decompile in UiPath Studio.


Hi @pushhky

The following thread has some discussion around the same requirements as yours, but I believe dotPeek installation is mentioned here as well.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

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Yes I have checked this one allready. I want to create a component in UiPath whih will decompile, So through C# invode code I want to acheive it.
I am not allowed to install any 3rd party exe in the organization machine, So please help me out to write the logic to decompile