Decision, if procoess can retry if an exception-case is true

Hi Forum,

technical, hypothetical question today :slight_smile:
Image we have an automated process within the ReFramework.
Normally we set the condition if the process should restart (after SE or BRE etc.) in the config / orchestrator.


As shown in the “drawing”, idea is if we can implement a decision / workflow which decides if the robot can restart or not. Both options are possible, depending where the process got stopped. (when a system exception is thrown because of unknown error, selector issue etc.).

Example would be: the process can restart until he reaches a specific point in the process where the robot clicks save or publish data etc…After that point he cannot retry because he would duplicate the data or other things. But if the process crashes before that point of no return he can restart.
That´s the basic idea.

The only data which is stored is the logging data. Is it maybe possible to locate the process with the help of the loggingfile and decide then if it can restart or not?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi @Friedrich

It seems like this could be achieved by simply modifying the framework retry conditions to include a custom flag/variable.

You then simply have to switch your flag from False to True upon reaching a certain point in your process and handle it in the retry routine accordingly.