Decimal and thousand separator system, CSV File

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I have a csv file and the data do not appear correctly, my system separator is ( decimal " , " thousand " . " . If i change it to ( decimal " . " thousand " , " then data appear correctly.
I would like to avoid changing the system separator ( or from excel options) because it will probably affect other processes that run on that server.
Is it possible to do it without chaning system separators?

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Please check this


Hi @m.fokas,

You can try below thing,


  • It works as Whatever separator you provide in below variable
    nfi.NumberDecimalSeparator = “,”
    nfi.NumberGroupSeparator = “.”

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The csv file has also characters and when i open it ( from Studio or manually) has the following format in one column:

232591;S03346 ;ÊÁ2463987;GAMING DEVICE;2119607777;2023-01-11-;2023-01-12-;+0

If i change the decimal and thousand separator ( manually from excel options ) then the data separated by column correctly( comma means that the data of the row is in the different column) :

232591 , S03346 , ΚΑ2463987,GAMING DEVICE,2119607777, 2023-01-11-,2023-01-12-,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,20230112

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I found the solution.

I used the following activity at the beginning of the workflow :

System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture=new System.Globalization.CultureInfo(“el-GR”)

After that i use ReadText File activity ( Endoding :“Windows-1253”)

Replace “+” with space and next step is to generate datatable from string ( format : csv ,Column separators : semicolon).
Last step is to write the datatable to the new excel file.

Thank you

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