How to create an summarized report

After finishing my process, I want to add all my processed records in 1 summarized report in excel and erase the previous day’s data and send an email to admin everyday.

How can this be achieved?


If you are usign re framework in the end process or if you are not using it then at the end of all your transactions , you can include the logic to get all the current day added items using get queue items activity and filters in it and can add to excel and send email…


I’m using reframework and still new to UiPath.
What activities should I use and should I write logic in closeAllApplications or in the process.xaml
Kindly guide.


You should arite the logic in end process state…

Basically you gave to use get queue items activity and in properties you have filter on date which you can use to get data for todays date…

Then use for each activity and loop theough each queue item and use add datarow to create a datatable

And at end use write range to write to excel


Thank you for the help.

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