Date Format in Excel Reading Activity

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I am facing an issue with the Excel Read Range activity, When the activity is used it converts the excel date in mm/dd/yyyy format to mm/dd/yyyy

I think UiPath is using the default date culture “en-US”, is there a way to override the format to “en-GB”

Hi @Sarath

I hope you can find enough info to convert the value to the desired one over here:

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I am unable to convert any dates as i want the whole table;

if am to convert i need to convert separately as dates below 12th of the month and > 12th of the month.

My problem is the dates in excel is in format dd/mm/yyyy but when uipath reads it it converts it to mm/dd/yyyy for all the dates below 12th of the month.

since i believe it is using a en-US culture inside the read range activity.

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I’m having the same problem. Have you found a way to solve this? Thank you.

Please check this link.

These links aren’t much use to us. We’d need to do a for each row (often unwieldy) and reformat each cell.

You can use a for each row in datatable activity, and update the date format value with an assign activity